All about Grapes! From Gilbert to Apes

Grapes were cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula 2000 years ago, but they were introduced by the Spanish Friars in the 1700s. There are 25 million acres of grapes throughout the world, and 72 million tons of grapes are produced each year. One fourth of the grapes in the United States come from Chile. There are over 8000 grape varieties, and 7 colors of grapes. These colors include blue, black, green, red, yellow, white, and purple. There are other uses of grapes other than eating. Grapes minimize the chance of a heart attack because they contain nitric acid; which prevents blood clots. Grapes are also used to help cure asthma, indigestion, migraines, kidney diseases, and fatigue. Best of all, grapes are used to create wine. Grapes can be useful in many ways. I like grapes because they are the smallest fruit but they’re so full of flavor. That’s because grapes are 80% water. I also like grapes because they are unique; they have various colors and sizes. I like grapes the best out of them all because they are juicier then any of them. I’ve liked grapes since I was a little kid, and I always will.